Best Online Internet Speed Test Tools To Check Internet Speed at Free

When you are about to sign up with any ISP (Internet Service Provider), you are likely to overheard many positive claims made by the service providers. Possibilities are, once you are already signed up, the Internet speed and other related services are not as good as it was expected or claimed earlier. This is a very common case. If you have recently opted for any kind of ISP for personal use or business purposes, you would wish to check the internet speed as well as other related issues such as latency issues, packet loss, or it may be a connection issue.

You will have a basic idea of the service quality within a day of usage. However, you can’t be sure its exact amount unless you test it or examine it using a reliable tool. Fortunately, there are many useful tools available online that will be precisely examining your internet speed and the rest required activities.

Internet speed test sites

Various tool available that are supposed to be working on a single purpose and are likely to be providing the same result to the users. There are not many differences between these tools. However, their UI (User Interface) tends to be different from one another. So, you are willing to choose the one that suits your style.


This HTML-5 based website tends to test your real-time internet speed replicating the downloading and browsing status from real world activities. The tool seamlessly records the browsing and downloading data’s and the rate of data transfer.

These data are then calculated in terms of uploading and downloading speed. The output of the data calculations is finally displayed in terms of the graphical figure on your computer or mobile screen.


This particular internet speed test site is more graphically designed comparing to other tools of the same category. The Ookla owned test site is both fast and intelligent at the same time. It tends to choose only 5 servers located nearby out of thousands and run the complete examination and expose the result in the form of uploading and downloading speed on the screen.

The test result is shown in both graphical and digital figure for the best user experience. Apart from that, you may check the other issues such as packet loss, latency, etc. If your computer is running slow, the test site tends to figure the reasons behind it thus you may solve the issue conveniently.

3: is something more than just an internet speed test site. If you intend to get a proper insight of your connection, this is the online tool you should go for. A variety of data is tested here and a useful result is shown in terms of data comparison and more. For both the uploading and downloading test, there are two separate tests. Therefore, one should make sure that both the test are done while the process is running.

Once the test is done, it provides a perfect result that shows your current real-time internet speed as well as the result of another recent user. This way, ou may get a clear idea how good or worse your connection is working. A graphical result also shows your overall speed of whole time.


In case you are looking for a way simpler tester that will provide a clear overview on your internet speed, from Netflix is what you should opt for. No tangled graphical feature or overwhelmed other features is available on this site.

Instead, the site will perfectly measure the real-time internet speed you are connected to and will show it in a big bold digits ‘Megabytes Per Second’. So, you don’t need to stretch your eyeballs to read the latency data or any sort of charts as there is nothing such kind available here.

5: Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place is another precisely showing internet speed that is based on HTML5. The online speed test tool has been active and perfectly doing its job since 2002. However, the tool then had taken a further step with HTML protocol thus its compatibility is expanded.

Hence, it can now work conveniently on the mobile devices as well. The available lowest ping or your certain location is dependent on the selection of server.


I found these top 5 internet speed tests are more useful than the rest. Using these testing sites, you can have a look at your real-time internet speed whenever you need. So, you don’t need to blindly believe in everything claimed by your Internet Service Provider. Keep track on the daily speed as well as on the amount of total MB usage using the testing sites.

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